On 24th June 2016, Britain voted to leave the European Union, following this, there was a spike in hate crimes across the UK. A Facebook photo album called Worrying Signs started documenting examples of this wave of emboldened racism sweeping the UK. Our three founders (Yasmin Weaver, Natasha Blank and Sarah Childs) then created a Facebook group,  using the same name as their viral album, where people could come together as a community and share their own incidents and accounts of abuse. From tweets and screenshots to videos and anecdotal accounts, The Worrying Signs project hopes to raise awareness of this problem. We believe that having these conversations and bringing this issue into the fore is the first step to healing the divisions that are now clear to see across the country.

You can use the tabs above to navigate to some helpful resources for reporting a hate crime, some information about the Worrying Signs project founders, and our contact page.

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