US Presidential Elections 2016



Since the US presidential election result last week, we have been seeing reports on social media of incidents of racism, hate and xenophobia across America. The parallels between the current state of social unrest in the US and our own experiences of hate and violence post referendum are difficult to miss.

We therefore decided to open up the Worrying Signs project to include incidents of post-election hate and xenophobia in the US. We did discuss creating a separate Facebook Group for US incidents but, ultimately, decided against this. What we are seeing in both countries is symptomatic of the same problem, we are both suffering a bitter backlash to two very divisive political campaigns. We are also aware that this phenomena is still happening and will continue to happen unless we call it out.

We feel that now, more than ever, we need to stick together as an international community and stand up to hate, hate mongering, and hateful behaviour in all its forms, whichever country it’s in. The founders of the Worrying Signs project believe that the only way to fight this damaging rhetoric is by unifying and viewing this problem as a whole.

We hope our American members can find some comfort and support in our Facebook group. We see you. We hear you. And you are not alone.

-Natasha Blank (Co-founder, Worrying Signs project)