Spotlight On Our Founders: Yasmin Weaver


Yasmin Weaver


Who are you and what do you do for a living?
I’m Yasmin and, by day, I am a full-time mum and project manager at counter extremism organisation Inspire

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, when you’re not busy being a social activist?
Haha- what spare time? I enjoy good food and eating out, searching Cat videos on you tube and horror movies- not slasher films but the chilling atmospheric supernatural variety.

What do you think we need more of in Britain?
Tim Horton’s. We need Tim Horton’s and in particular Timbit in the UK. People have been half joking quite a lot recently about moving to Canada and Timbits are quite a compelling reason to do so on their own.

What do you think we need more of globally?
On a serious note- I would like to see more sharing globally. Wealth, resources, food, knowledge, land, medicine, energy, love, justice and kindness.  We have plenty in this world- so much of it goes to waste because its all concentrated in a few places and it’s not accessible to everyone, particularly the people that need it the most. If we got better at sharing around the world rather than trying to find a way of having one over each other all the time, a lot of our problems would disappear.

What’s your favourite dessert?
Chocolate fondant

You are holding a dinner party, you can invite 5 people, fictional or non-fictional and from any period in history. Who’s coming to dinner and why?

  1. Bhikaji Cama – An Indian woman ahead of her time a prominent figure within the British suffrage movement, ardent campaigner for women’s right and a free India.
  2. Lyra Belacqua- move over Harry Potter, this girl takes on “The Authority” and wins.
  3. Albert Einstein- Without him, this world and everything in it would make even less sense
  4. Hugh Glass- Because he puts Chuck Norris to shame
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer- because she has some great moves she could teach us ( although not Hugh to be fair)

What is your favourite thing about being involved with Worrying Signs?
The hope. Seeing so many people unite and willing to take a stand against the hatred and bigotry that appears to be rising every day. It’s a constant reminder that there is still so much goodness and decency out there. Proud of all you guys!